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“A rabble of crazed inner city voodoo witchdoctors. Sheffield punk and Mississippi soul collides.” Not That Same Old Blues Crap

“Occupying a ‘Blue Velvet’ Lynchian universe.. the flaying and gliding Guitar, the raucous, grating and brakiish voice of the singer, nails the dark side of human nature, A ‘road to Damascus’ for blues fans.” Cognac Blues Festival, France

“..a rattly, smoggy, Swampy blues noise with vocals full of grit and a guitar that howls at the moon”  Martin Lilleker -The Sheffield Telegraph

“awesomely deranged Punk Blues trio” The Guardian.

“ they should make ‘Cream’ ashamed to call themselves a power trio” Mark Lamarr

“Clearly the best band the UK has produced in a while” Thurston Moore/Byron Coley

“CLW’s sound is a rustic concoction of raucous electric blues …and they rip into it like a fox left alone with a chicken.” Rachael Clegg – The Sheffield Telegraph

You can download CLKW from here, buy on Amazon or The Hut.

Jane Howden (1969 - 2012) - Electric Bassist

" Death lies on her, like an untimely frost
Upon the sweetest flower of all the field"

William Shakespeare

Sweet Jane, Often in our thoughts but always in our hearts.

concrete pastureAndy Weaver recorded “Concrete Pasture” in March/April 2010 in Wray’s Garage, Hayes, Middlesex.  With Al Manning taking up his role in co production/drums and percussion, the result is a stripped down and intimate but raw collection of new songs and covers.

Concrete Pasture is currently awaiting widespread distribution.

The latest Chicken Legs line-up (Al Manning on Drums and Chris “Big Hands” Mason on Bass) will appear at The Load Of Hay, Uxbridge on 4th March 2012.