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Andy Weaver Tribute Page

Nick Robinson - Ive known Andy for many years and run this site for him. Well miss him! Your tributes are welcome...
Dave Radnedge - Saw Andy at the Plug a few years back , even had a bit of a chat outside , lovely, genuine bloke who loved his music , RIP blues man!
glynne - I was lucky to see Andy play many times. He inspired me greatly as a musician & as a wandering soul searching for musical truth. His music will always stay with me & seep into everything that I do. Bless you sir.
Kierran Bond - I remember him being a cover teacher back when i was in school and he used to tell me awesome stories about Chicken Legs Weaver. Very, very sad to hear this. Top man. True gent. RIP.
Mark Finnigan - A unique talent and a brilliant band. Knocked out when I first saw then live with Tank and Norton Lees at the Kasbah They got even better when Mik and Jane (RIP) joined. I was lucky enough to review them live and both of their amazing albums. The world is a lesser place because of the the passing of this witty talented and enigmatic man
johnny dowd - i had the pleasure of producing an album for andy and the band a few years. my main job was to go to store and bring back beer. they did not not need producing. great band great songs. andy was good mate and a fine bluesman. the last time i saw him he came up on the stage at windmill and we did song. i treasure that memory.RIP
helen - I lived with Andy for several years, we lost touch after we seperated but I never forgot him. I must admit his very loud playing and singing used to get on my nerves sometimes over the years! We were together when he first played at the Spud Gun club as a soloist then as Jim and mitch joined followed by Tom they were brilliant. Im very proud to have been part of his life for a long time. RIP Andy
helen - I should have put his singing and playing AT HOME got on my nerves, never when he was performing!
Paul McC - A brilliant musician and a brilliant person,thats what made Andy a true bluesman. He understood people and he understood the music. From the punters he entertained at gigs to the pupils he taught, we will all feel a great loss. However he has left us a lot of fun memories and some fantastic music. R.I.P my friend.
nigel - saw Andy in Chicken Legs Weaver many times. Superb, passionate musician. Very sad to think Ill never see him perform again. I will play some CLW tomorrow. x
TANK - It was an honour to have been able to play with you, a true gentleman, there is a place reserved for you in the tower of mani peme hung.....
Al Manning - I had the privilege of co-producing and performing on andys latest studio recordings. I provided the studio and andy provided a world of soul that illuminated the hours we spent recording (and talking endlessly about music). They were great times which, like andy, will live on within. cheers mate.
Geraldene - Andy and I shared many laughs and stranks (moans)together. He was always there to share his humble wisdom. An amazing man to work with. He will be missed. I hope I get to hear the orchid song one day :)I will look that little book of quotes and remember you....
Mikey L-T - I will miss you my friend, one the few people I know without a malicious bone, was always a pleasure x
Jason White - Saddened and shocked to hear of Andys passing. A true scholar and exponent of the Blues, and a nice fella tboot.
Philip - I remember Andy as a fantastic friend and good neighbour. He came and gave me solace and advice in my darkest hours, he educated me with kindness and sounds. He taught me how to cope with both the red and the white lions. Above all he was a best friend, yeah he also could play guitar and sing. Thank you Andy for being my mate love you Phil
Justin Asher - I got to record Andy and the band when they came to New York in the cold winter. I remember being very happily snowed in for a week listening to Andy tell stories in his smooth buzzy growl, he had a wide vision with his words and music and was a great person to gab with about anything funny/serious. He had a lot to give and I feel lucky to have the time with him that I did, capturing some of his lightning in a bottle
David - Andy taught me English Language at A level at Sheffield College. We used to talk about the Blues and other music, which interested me far more than English. It was great to have someone who could share that interest and I was inspired by his musical ambition. This is truly sad news.
Deirdre - wonderful voice and emotive songs. so sad to hear of the early death of Andy, met occasionally in the recent past at his gigs in Leeds (Royal Park Cellars) and Sheffield.
Lyndon - A true gent, I had the honour of working with Andy both in the studio and live on numerous occasions. An inspiration to a fledgling engineer all those years ago. Good times?..
See you in the next life my old friend
Nikki Brooks - I am so shocked to find out about this today. Such sad news.I always enjoyed Andys company and really rated him as a performer. I invited him on my Radio Show where we spent an hour chatting about music and of course having a good moan as musicians do.
Ben - Andy was a great friend and is sorely missed. In the days before the internet made it easy we explored and shared a whole lot of old blues and guitar techniques. He could sing as well as he played and he played damned well... so long bluesman. Times done got hard.
Derek - A long, long time ago Andy was my best friend and played guitar as best man at my wedding. We went our separate ways but I always thought that there would be time to get close again. I think about him a lot.
andy harvey - The first band I was in was with Andy Weaver we rehearsed a bit a played for one glorious night at our student union where I think we possibly blew the roof off. Never surpassed that night playin with the weave who managed to make Working Class Hero his very own really sad to hear this he was far to young to go
Desiree Gill-Evans - I knew Andy as a friend and a colleague - he was a gentle man full of genuine warmth, humour and a great deal of talent both as a teacher and a musician. We are all shocked by his far too early passing. He shall be sorely missed.
Ant Graham - Very very sad to hear of the sad loss of Andy Weaver. CLW were one of the best blues bands ever to come out of Sheff. They were certainly more than blues, too. I hadnt seen them much since they used to play at the Boardwalk all the way back in 2000, but some of Andys songs, and lyrics, and the way he beasted them out on-stage, have been forever stuck in my music soul. Gotta keep on killing time. RIP
Gandalf - The world will be a less interesting place without you, Andy.

Max and Susan - It was always great to meet up with Andy. We hadnt seen him since he moved away and are very saddened to hear this. Aside from being a talented musician and performer he was charming, affable, stylish; a rare character. We will miss him.
James - A lovely man.
Sam Saunders - My son just called me from Sheffield. Sad news. I hope the wake does him justice. In 2004 I wrote:

"The man has words he wants you to hear and shiver to. You hear. You shiver. Every word drops like a knife."

I hope he takes that as the tribute it was intended to be.
Aidan - Just seen the news about Andy and its a great shock. Saw him at Johnny Dowds gig in Brixton and saw his band whenever he played in London. Great band, great songwriter and great loss.
Leigh Heggarty - I have only just heard the very sad news of Andys death. I will remember him as a great character, a fine musician and a bluesman in every way, uncompromising and fiercely committed to his music. His was also a really nice guy. RIP Andy mate - keep stomping that foot of yours...
Colin Huntley - Andy RIP mate. Grew up together in Bristol before you moved to Sheffield. It was great to meet up with you for a beer when you came back recently. Will never forget those years playing Punk in our parents houses. Top bloke and we will meet again thats for sure
Stuart and Charlotte - Very sad and shocking news. Andy was a great bloke and was way to young to die. We hadnt seen him in a long while and it saddens us to think we wont see him again. Someone said to me that we are here for a good time and not a long time. I like to think that Andy had a good time.
Bob Keelaghan - I am very sad to hear this, as the last time I saw Andy was just before I flew home from our last English tour in 2009. We had met up for a couple of pints at a pub in London to catch up on things. The year before we played together at the 12 Bar in London and found out we were kindred spirits in music. I always thought there would be more playing to be done. On behalf of Agnostic Mountain Gospel Choir, I say you will be sorely missed.
dez - Lovely guy, sincerely missed. Heres thinking of you mate..
Pavandeep Sohal - Mr Weaver was a teacher at Meadow High School. He was kind,funny and very helpful.
I will miss him. RIP
Pavandeep Sohal - Mr Weaver was a teacher at Meadow High School. He was kind,funny and very helpful.
I will miss him. RIP
Nigel and Penny - We loved Andys music before we were lucky to get to know him as a friend. A great musician and a lovely guy - well miss you. RIP
Pete - Came across Chicken Legs Weaver when I was asked to review Nowhere for a student newspaper. The album has been a constant in my life ever since, and will continue to be for a long time to come
Stephen and Catherine - First met Andy when he was on holiday in Beadnell staying next door to us. Heard the slide guitar and thought more interesting neighbours than usual. Spent hours playing, singing and drinking. Not necessarily in that order. Brought a breath of fresh air to an otherwise comatose village.
Zobair Mehmood - Andrew was a very inspirational lecturer at the Sheffield College, teaching me for two years. You may not know this but he taught youngsters that were preparing to enter the uniformed services (army, police, paramedics, coast guard).
He always saw the best in everyone, pushed us to achieve and inspired.

Lee Machin - Only just read of Andys passing. Like Zobair I met Andy at college. I first met him when I signed up to guitar lessons at college as part of an extra curricular activity which he took. There were about 3 of us plus Andy there - it was great to have this talented man teach such a small group.
The year later he then became a lecturer within the actual course itself. He was a really down to earth person, instantly likable. Despite only knowing him for a little time I am actually saddened at this news and can only imagine the loss felt by those who were closest to him.
Kes - I cant claim to know Andy really, but I met him at a friends party at a time when I was struggling a bit with life. He picked up on that and somehow managed to make the world seem a less awful place. People like that are rare.
David Courtney - Nowhere is one of my favourite albums and always will be. I always hurt a little inside when I listen.
Andrew State - Andy taught me on my Public Services Course in 2009 at Sheffield College. He inspired me to go onto university where I completed a 2:1 Law Degree. Wthout his help and belief its not something I would have ever thought possible. RIP
Steve jones - So gutted. Just found youve gone, man. Theres a corner of Heaven for you where you can set up your amp alongside all the dead Greats of Blues.
Peter - Often meant to look Andy up but didnt for no good reason and 30 years have passed. Now I find this site. What a tragic loss. At school we wrote junk short stories together just so we could read them out loud and piss ourselves laughing. We had vague plans to do radio comedy although music was always his soul. I remember his wit, his warmth and his passion and now I hear them all in his music and lyrics. So sorry for those who shared his life and sorry I did not.
Jeff Cooper - I am SO sorry that I didnt now of Andys passing until recently. He did at least tgwo radio sessions with me at Hallam FM and radio2XS and, besides being such a talented musician, he was just a bl00dy lovely bloke.
ADRIAN PARKES - Just found out the sad news Andy. I saw you many times when you fronted The Mirrormen in the mid 1980s. Got messy together on pyjama jump in Sheffield and spent many quality times together. A great musician and a great man.