David Lister RIP

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David Lister RIP

Postby Nick » Thu Feb 14, 2013 6:13 pm

rom Joan Sallas:

Dear David,

until today, when I thought about you, I always remembered the French encyclopaedic experts of the 18th century, because you were really the last and the first encyclopaedic researcher about the history of paper folding.

Today, I can only say "thank you" without end. Thanks to show us all that paper folding is more than folded paper, more than a handicraft work, but an human activity, and that a folded object can be taught and learned, but isn't completely understandable without to be understood his cultural and historical background. You said always that the folding research is not to know the curiosities of the past, but to understand the present.

Thanks to have the feeling and to make the effort to collect documents for the next generations, to analyze and compare them and to build and write hypothesis to be discussed through folders over the world, as well as to incentivise new research ways and to collaborate and give your enthusiastic support to many research initiatives and projects. From your work, I learned how to research in a serious form the history of paper folding to be shared later, and I'm sure that many researchers learned it too. David remains as the universal reference in this domain.

Thanks too, to use your capacity to write your academic articles in a structured form understandable for all, not just for other researchers, in a good and easy English, sometimes with a point of humour, sometimes with an intentioned provocation or educated criticisms, but never n a negative way. You were always a gentleman and apologized your detractors. You were not only a universal reference as academic, but too as human person.

Together with Nick Robinson and Wayne Brown, we visited David and his wife in his home quite recently. He repeated again his decision to give his extensive Folding Library and Folding Archive to the BOS. I have no doubt that besides of the logistical problems of place and arrangement, the BOS will make an effort to give David's heritage a dignified place, and will preserve it to be consulted by future generations. If it is needed, the BOS have all my support, work and time.

Today we can't ask David more questions about the History of Folding Art, but we have luck and thanks Nick Robinson's work in the Web of the BOS, many generations will consult his articles in the future, and hopefully his complete articles will be printed some time, a permanently frustrated desire of David. If the origami associations in the world will have honoured the memory of David, perhaps they can dignify their own association libraries and archives, looking for, collecting and conserving old documents, promoting studies, analyses and researches about the inventoried documents of the past, and not only to have them conceived as a folding instruction material to be loaned and in the best case returned. The actual situation of the libraries and archives in the origami associations claim in general a renovation and probably coordinated though them. I'm sure that something will change in this point, and David will be a little bit more happy in the origami paradise.

David, I will fold today your model "four birds drinking in a bowl" that you taught me some time ago in Germany, a beautiful symbol of a folder that meet coming from the four cardinal folding points of the world.

See you, friend!
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Re: David Lister RIP

Postby Joan Sallas » Fri Feb 15, 2013 1:37 pm

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