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Lorenzo Herrero and his book "Una hoja de papel"

PostPosted: Sun Apr 15, 2012 4:35 pm
by JGimeno
HERRERO SÁIZ, Lorenzo: Spanish paperfolder. Born in Burgos in 1913. He studied at the University for School Teachers of Burgos, Valladolid and Madrid and has practiced as teacher until his retirement in 1980. He learn from childhood, thanks to his family and friends, the first origami figures. His first creation devised it in 1924, with 11 years! And it was a Bonete de abogado (“Bonnet of attorney”), which for its "folded laborious and impractical, and I do not remember how I did." Soon, the following year 1925, he learn from a craft book the Flapping bird and the Japanese frog. His next creation comes shortly after and mentally made a little boring math class: the Avestruz (“Ostrich”). Everything will be said, should not be as boring as math teacher that taught him how to do just before an equilateral triangle, without compass or scissors, starting from a rectangular sheet of paper. His creativity and research led him to practice with the basic triangle folds already knew the Flapping bird and Japanese frog and later tried with other formats (mainly the diamond). His "bichos” (bugs) as he called them, were known by all. Finally, one paper he was "poor" for their original creations and turned to make figures with two parts long before Yoshizawa be awarded their use. Unfortunately, your generation endured the call-up during the Spanish Civil War and during leisure time that was folded with the papers was (all worth, to the propaganda of the enemy). Highly creative was a time in which he save the figures that he invented, little more could be done. After the war, economic insecurity makes him seek an editor who can issue you both you and the traditional figures he has drawn. But despite the few publishers go to work soon after the war, until 1952 can not see published "his" book with the Editorial Salvatella in Barcelona: Una hoja de papel. Economically in such a hurry that was assigned all the rights, as author and illustrator, and so for over 30 years, his name did not appear as such. It will be a Burgos as he, Mr. Vicente Palacios, who becomes aware of a character that appears in his book, El Gigantillo de Burgos or Alcalde de Arcos which makes you think that we were facing a fellow countryman and delves into the archives of the publisher and there is the contract with his name. Moreover, knowing that he was master able to locate and win back the fans. Thus we learn that he had been a fellow at the Escuela Normal de Magisterio (university for school teachers) of other papiroflecta of the Burgos, Elias Gutierrez Gil, and even some of the figures drawn in this book: Papiroflexia came from him. Lorenzo Herrero, was super-anxious and sympathetic as he only, but when we met him was frankly very hard of hearing. I used to come to the meetings of Madrid that organized the spanish Association. When he came to us in the middle of an Assembly, almost loudly, he offered a figurine created by him and commented how and when devised. One day he stopped coming to meetings and never saw him again, we assumed that he died. I think his style of figures should be compared with those of his contemporaries (think Honda, Harbin, and Yoshizawa, nothing more and nothing less) and would have to convince us that was ahead of his time at the technical level and only lacked ambition assert themselves in the middle.


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Re: Lorenzo Herrero and his book "Una hoja de papel"

PostPosted: Mon Apr 16, 2012 1:01 am
by Joan Sallas
Robert Harbin mentioned “Una hoja de papel” almost in the biography of his “The Art of Paper-folding” in the english (London: English Universities Press, 1968) and american editions (Funk & Wagnalls, 1969), as well as in “Origami 1 - The Art of Paper-Folding” (Coronet books, 1968) and “More Origami - The Art of Paper-Folding No.2” (London: Coronet books, 1971). In the number 3 of this collection by Coronet books, “Una hoja de papel” is no more mentioned.

Harbin mentioned:

Salvatella, Miguel (editor), Una hoja de papel. A fine collection of 80 models in illustrations only. Obtainable from the author, at Santo Domingo 5, Barcelona, Spain

Harbin give us too the price of the book in pences (37,5p., 38p.), dollars ($ 1) or in both currencies, it depend of which edition. But he don't give us the name of the author. The adress of the 'author' that Harbin mentioned is not really the adress of the author, but the adress of the editor Salvatella. In this way, the editor Salvatella is presented to the reader as 'author' of this book. Almost in the 5th edition of "Una hoja de papel", the editor Salvatella remember in his foreword Harbins mention as a key for the international success of this book, and I think, the success of Salvatella self in his debut as publisher of paper folding books too.

Miguel A. Salvatella is the same name of the founder of a catalan editor and the name of his editorial house in Barcelona, where were published since the begin of the 20th century many books, mostly to be used for children in their education and instruction. “Una hoja de papel” was probably the first book about paper folding published by Salvatella, who for some reasons that I until today don't know, don't mentioned the name of the real author, Lorenzo Herrero. After “Una hoja de papel”, Salvatella published a long list of origami books in spanish and since a few years some books in catalan language too. “Una hoja de papel” was not the only paper folding book published by Salvatella with anonym author. Almost two booklets under the title "El mundo maravilloso del papel I-II" (Nr. 15 and 16 of the collection 'Manualidades') and four booklets under the title "Los trabajos manuales 'emas'. Plegado de figuras de papel 1-4" were published in the 1960s without mention of author too. First with Vicente Palacios in his book "Papirogami" (1972), it was the name of the author by Salvatella books printed.

Una hoja de papel” was published almost in 5 editions (1st ed. 1952; 2nd ed. 1964; 3rded. 1968; 4th ed. 1972; 5th, 1980), as well as in a reduced edition under the title “Pajaritas. Modelos y papel para realizarlas. 24 figuras de plegado de papel seleccionadas del libro Una hoja de papel” (Barcelona: Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella, 1973).

2002 I published myself an origami book by Salvatella, and I asked this editor who was the real author of “Una hoja de papel”. The editor was not very happy about my question, and explained me that he was a man that published the book in another editor, and for this reason Salvatella don't mentioned him as author. Certainly the same book was published whitout permission (and again without mention of the author) in a pirate edition under the titel “El zoo de papel: Manualidades con papel” (Madrid: Ediciones Akal, 1986) many years after the 1st edition of “Una hoja de papel” (1952). I don't know if Lorenzo Herrero was involved in this pirate edition or not.

Vicente Palacios, who published all his books probably under the pressure of his main editor Salvatella, give in the 1st edition of “Papirogami” (Barcelona: Salvatella, 1972) the follow intentioned incorrect mention:

“Una hoja de papel”. Editado por Salvatella, Barcelona, desde 1930, con modelos procedentes de la colección particular de un burgalés" (english: “Published in Barcelona by Salvatella since 1930, with models from the privat collection of a citizen from Burgos – Spain”).

Almost in the 4th edition of "Papirogami" (1988), Palacios corrected this wrong mention with black typographic caracters:

Una hoja de papel”. Editado por Salvatella, Barcelona, en 1952, con modelos de Lorenzo Herrero.” (english: “Published in Barcelona by Salvatella in 1952 with models of Lorenzo Herrero”).

That's probably the only indirect confirmation of Lorenzo Herrero as author of his book published from his editor Salvatella. The silencied name of the author of “Una hoja de papel” by the editor and the author self, the publication of a pirate book by another poblisher, and Palacios bibliographic correction, shows that Salvatella as editor and Herrero as author were in the fifties both not very conscient how important is that the reader knows who created the published models.

joan sallas

Re: Lorenzo Herrero and his book "Una hoja de papel"

PostPosted: Thu Jul 05, 2012 5:54 pm
by Laura Rozenberg
I have the book Una Hoja de Papel -Trabajos Manuales Salvatella- by Editorial Miguel Salvatella, Sto. Domingo 5 - Barcelona.
It is the book mentioned in the previous entries. What I would like to know is what is the date of the edition I own. The covers of the book are detached but I don´t think there is any missing page. However, I can´t find any reference to the date of the publication. The designs look quite 50s or even earlier. Cardboard cover is in yellow, red, green, with blue and red letters, and graphics of folded girl, birds, pig and dog.
Any clue?
Laura Rozenberg

Re: Lorenzo Herrero and his book "Una hoja de papel"

PostPosted: Sun Jul 29, 2012 10:40 pm
by JGimeno
In Spain, although there were earlier precedents, was promulgated by Royal Decree of 23 December 1957 a law on legal deposit required printers the reference to deposit with the initials of the province, the number and the year in all kinds of publications (in the second edition of the Herrero’s book, indicated B 28263-1964, meaninig: 'B' of Barcelona, 28263 as the reference number of the deposit of 3 copies done in the office of the province and 1964 the date of issue).

Therefore, if the book you have not printed with a date, you must have the 1st edition which does not include the legal deposit. If so, would correspond to the 1952 edition, which according Salvatella (dixit Palacios) was the date of that edition.

I have allowed myself to make a picture based on the documents taken from the National Library of Madrid, Internet and my collection of origami books. In the column Dep. Leg / ISBN, the number preceded by one or two letters mean the reference to legal deposit.

Finally, I put different covers from the internet of the editions of these books. 5 there are Una Hoja de papel and 3 the Zoo de papel. Should be clarified to correspond editions. I, unfortunately, I only have one edition of the Una Hoja de Papel (without reference dates back scrim in yellow and shown in the center a yellow dog in tone), so I think it is the first edition of 1952 (fig. Una hoja de papel 1).

Perhaps, in view of the box covers and table of issues we can assign to each issue the appropriate cover.

Título Editorial Ciudad Dep. Leg / ISBN Ed. Fecha Pág. Dimensiones
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona Sin referencias impresas 1ª 1952 32 x 22 cm.
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona B 28263-1964 2ª 1964 104 30x21 cm
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona 3ª 1968
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona 4ª 1972
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona B 21781-1980
9788472100275 5ª 1980 31,5x22,5 cm.
Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona B 813-1988
8472100278 6ª 1988
Pajaritas. Modelos y papel para realizarlas. 24 figuras de plegado de papel seleccionadas del libro Una Hoja de papel Editorial Miguel A. Salvatella , S.A. Barcelona 9788472101081 1973 16 32 x 22 cm.
El zoo de papel. Manualidades con papel Akal Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) M 19951-1986
847600012X 1986
El zoo de papel. Manualidades con papel Akal Torrejón de Ardoz (Madrid) M 23052-1997
847600012X 2ª 1997 102 30 x 21
El zoo de papel. Manualidades con papel Tursen / Hermann Blume Tres Cantos (Madrid) M 13635-2004
8489840520 3ª 2004 103 30 x 21
El zoo de papel. Manualidades con papel H. Blume Madrid 9788489840522 2005 104 29,5 x 21 cm

Re: Lorenzo Herrero and his book "Una hoja de papel"

PostPosted: Mon Jul 30, 2012 5:19 pm
by Laura Rozenberg
This is cool, Juan, thank you for the efforts to illustrate in such detail. It seems I have the first edition.
Kind regards