Fun Time Paper Folding 1959

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Fun Time Paper Folding 1959

Postby Nick » Mon Mar 16, 2015 7:52 pm

I picked this up on ebay - Fun Time Paper Folding – 1959 by Elinor Tripato Massoglia and was surprised to find it illustrated by the noted folder George Rhoads! Does anyone know if he was involved in any other books from the time? Amazingly enough, he is still with us and has a website
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Re: Fun Time Paper Folding 1959

Postby Edwin Corrie » Tue Mar 24, 2015 10:10 pm

This topic has 12 views (a couple of them were me) but no replies, which is a shame, so here goes:

The book is an interesting find, and it's also intriguing to see George Rhoads is still around. The only thing I ever knew about him was that he was an artist, which I think is mentioned in "Secrets of Origami". Apart from the couple of models he had in there and books like Randlett and possibly the Flapping Bird magazine I don't know what else he created. The Elephant has to be his best model, and it still looks good by today's standards.

Interesting too to see the comments on origami on his website (in the "About" section):

"Rhoads’ fist solo show was held at the Gallery Huit in Paris and contained mostly watercolor paintings of Paris and surrounding environments. At this exhibit, Rhoads met Origami expert Gershon Legman, who inspired him to start creating folds of his own; most notably, Rhoads created the Blintz Bird Base, which is now a standard for creating an animal with four legs, two ears and a tail out of one piece of paper. After his successes in the Origami community, Rhoads returned to the U.S and to painting, which became increasingly welcomed by art collectors and buyers."

But "...the Blintz Bird Base is standard for creating an animal with four legs..."???
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Re: Fun Time Paper Folding 1959

Postby Michel G » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:30 pm

Thanks Edwin.
A couple of views could be mine. But it's hard to find new things...

So, to refresh every folder's memory, extract from "Secrets of origami" (1971) p. 236 :
"Born 1926, in Chicago. Graduate of the University of Chicago. An artist, who has exhibited paintings in Paris and New York. Was introduced lo Origami by Gershon Legman, in Paris. Was shown the works of Akira Yoshizawa, and acquired a copy of Paper Magic. George Rhoads earns his living by house painting, carpentry, illustrating, and by painting pictures in the Trompe l’œil technique, executed with great realism. Married, with two children. Is also an astrologer and graphologist."
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Re: Fun Time Paper Folding 1959

Postby Michel G » Sun Apr 12, 2015 8:51 pm

My memory tells me that one of his model has been depicted in the following post stamp
of the British Solomon Islands in November 1974.
The "Postman", "adapted" from the "Fardel bearer" by George Rhoads (diagrams in "The Best of Origami" by Samuel Randlett, p. 75) is displayed on a map of the Solomon Islands.

But more interesting, the begining of the following article by Robert J. Lang (from 1997) ... ctions.php
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