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Origami Tiere

A companion volume to the "Boote + Flieger" book, this is another project I made with Evi Binzinger, aimed at children. Publishers Coppenrath have a good reputation. For your Deutschmarks (ja, ja, Ich weiss), you get a booklet set into the front cover, along with a selection of pull-out squares of brightly patterned paper.

It's harder than you might think selecting models for younger folders. We chose Flinke Fledermaus & Kniffliger Dinosaurier created by me, Trudelnde Biene, Schwieriger Pinguin created by Evi Binzinger. The others are traditional.


Einfacher Schnuffelhund by Traditional
page (from Square)

Flinke Fledermaus by Nick Robinson
page (from Square)

Trudelnde Biene by Evi Binzinger
page (from Square)

Hupfender Frosch by Traditional
page (from Square)

Schwieriger Pinguin by Evi Binzinger
page (from Square)

Kniffliger Dinosaurier by Nick Robinson
page (from Square)
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