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Amazing Geometric Origami

Images have been sourced from the web or the author. If you want an image removing (or have a better one!) please get in touch.
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Reptile by Nick Robinson
page 10 (from Square)
Tetrahedron by Nick Robinson
page 12 (from Square)
Triangular Antiprism by Nick Robinson
page 14 (from Square)
Pentagonal Ring by Robert Foord
page 16 (from Square)
Twisted Tube by Nick Robinson
page 20 (from Square)
Octagon Dissection by Nick Robinson
page 22 (from Square)
Dubai Unit by Nick Robinson
page 26 (from Square)
Dodecagon Dissection by Nick Robinson
page 30 (from Square)
Octahedron by Nick Robinson
page 34 (from Square)
60 degree Star by David Petty
page 36 (from Square)
Rhombicuboctahedron by Robert Neale
page 40 (from Square)
Proving Pythagoras by Leong Cheng Chit
page 42 (from Square)
Robin Star by Maria Sinayskaya
page 46 (from Square)
Windmill cube by Robert Foord
page 50 (from Square)
Chambered Octahedron by Francis Ow
page 54 (from Square)
Icosahedron by Robert Foord
page 58 (from Square)
Skeletal Dodecahedron by Robert Neale
page 60 (from Square)
XYZ Planar by Joe Power
page 66 (from Square)
Hexagonally Bisected Cube by Thoki Yenn
page 70 (from Square)
Penrose Triangle by Nick Robinson
page 74 (from 4x1)
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