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Jonathan Baxter, the mentor of the Southeast Origami Festival "is capable of the greatest delusions. In the community of folders, many other "soft crazy" may have crazy ideas, (I wonder if the English mad-angry that I had met in Cambridge has crossed the English Channel in his boat Paper, but most of them remain at the level of ideas. Him, not at all! It has a completely crazy idea, seemed impossible to achieve... It excites her "little gray cells" and ... it makes it possible! The decision to make a replica of the America's Cup in origami (probably a night of drinking when he no longer had all his faculties), seemed really hard to implement the paper and water do not mix, then the competition should be held in a bank lobby (another), where there was not any piece of water, or wind ... of course!

Incidentally, it was still a professional contract, the bank paid for this animation. Crash, it was very boring and expensive! But Jonathan Nothing is impossible! The fact that New Zealand is certainly weighed in the balance: the New Zealand came to win the Cup (in 2000?), And proud of its origins, he would not miss the opportunity to make a little technical to the American public, recalling the déculottée they were taken.

For the occasion, he asked me to create cutting back to the winner. I developed a fairly accurate replica of the original, size and more, which would be 40 or 50 cm high (the cut itself is a leaf, inlets into several pieces added. Mounted on a pedestal imitation marble, it was impressive.: shock: But in the debauchery of time and energy that claimed the festival (remember: thirty small or large exhibitions, street performances, a "real" show in an origami drama, animation data to 14,000 school children in a month, a small convention of 250 attendees, and so on ...), every minute of our time had been used for many other tasks in this cup was the only thing that was ready, THE EVE OF THE EVENT!

I had to be taken elsewhere, so it is with Veronica and a very mysterious material that went to install during the night of theater this memorable event. DO ALL with nothing, what's more jouissif? In the morning it was ready to miraculously you see on this picture:

In addition to its incredible qualities of facilitator and "entertainer", Jonathan is a great handyman he had sawed into 2 in the direction of the length 2 tubes of plastic, about 5 meters length 20 cm diameter, which formed 4 types of gutters filled with water. The wind had made some unfortunate fans he had to dive right to left.

The whole mounted on trestles pitiful, with a few drops of fabric to hide the misery... As for the boats themselves, for lack of Tyvek, on achievements in photographic paper (as these papers were coated heard lots of chemicals probably highly toxic, it is surprising that the security commission left alone ...).

And the most extraordinary is that it worked! Well I do not say that all vessels have traveled 5 meters, there were even a few shipwrecks sad... But the competition was a big success, with many participants, and was reprinted the next festival. I hope that the public and the banker who signed his checks never really realized under what conditions had been prepared animation ...

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