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sacre blue, les fourchettes !Here’s a photograph of my completed "BOJB" (Big Origami Jazz Band , video on my site). It took to me more than 2 entire months to create the 4 versions of dwarves, with the various costumes, to fold the 11 musicians each from a sandwich of 1m squared, without any preliminary folding, improvised with maximum effort, to create the 11 different instruments (using box-pleating, "small potatoes" but still takes time nevertheless), and also to build the stand, which is also sophisticated enough. But what took in fact most time, was especially the " violons" during very many and tiresome musical repetitions.

In fact regarding violins, I play, as you see, forks. The "vulgum culturus", too widespread my taste, play the spoons. But one then gets the minor B flat, which sounds bad. Only "true connoisseurs" of the forks prefer the major semi-F-flat which is quadrupled by their 4 teeth – it is so much more melodious!

My only worry is the Trolls hate the sound of forks, and launch at your head "Troll Pellets", these enormous smelly droppings 2 meters in diameter. This makes it obligatory to wear the anti-Troll helmet.

Note1: I must say, it was hard work to take this photograph by myself with the my antique equipment
Note2: the photograph is taken just before the arrival of the police force following a complaint from my neighbours, for "nocturnal din and showers of giant troll-droppings"

That’s it for today!


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