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CHARLOTTE (NC), The exhibition that NOBODY had seen...
to the Convention was Italian, circa 2000/2001, a Convention that I recommend to all, especially for good humor, excitement and just enough madness Italian. These are the "experts" crazy nights (it is "forbidden" to sleep in the night Saturday), the games kind of bend with a couple who plaice, the other is Apnea head in a basin of water (who died lost!), the "human diagrams": an "attendee" is lying on stage and mime the diagram of a model (not too complicated anyway, what a traditional!) thatone must guess. For example, fold a diagonal is to touching his left foot with his right hand, etc ... I recommend absolutely, but be careful not to piss laugh!In short, a wonderful memory! Just to find when even a critical to make TAKE CARE WITH COFFEE: it is so concentrated that it is hard plunges a spoon in it...

In late afternoon, we form a small group from SEOF (South-Eastern Origami Festival, Charlotte USA ; A big event on a city of 1 million inhabitants whoheld in 1994-1996-1998-2000-2002. Some explanations in my site page "events"). Were among others: Jonathan Baxter, the artistic director and handyman, Jan Polishand the lovely V'Ann Cornelius OrigamiUSA, the top-charming June Sakamoto, responsible for all Anglo-Japanese translations, and some other thieves ... It came naturally to talk about the lastSEOF, probably that of 2000. Jonathan was perplexed, not very happy indeed ... The reason was that in numburous photos taken during the festival ... (thirty exhibitions throughout the city, thousands of children Schools introduced to origami, competitions air boat cars (yes, yes!), street performances, a convention for 200 or 250 people and so on) ... he saw pictures ofYoshizawa-senseimodels. The pictures existed, but ... Absolutely NOBODY had seen THOSE MODELS! He therefore asked June on a bittersweet tone devil where they had been exposed ?

At that time, Yoshizawa was already very ill. He had therefore delegated a staff of 5 ladies "of some age", led by Kikukawa-san. June (the very charming) was responsible, and was accompanied them at all times, including during the installation of the expo, held at the library Central. June (the most delicious) thought for a moment. With calm to own its Japanese origin, she explained: a number of showcases had been reserved by thecurator for the exhibition. But once they had completed these cases, the staff realized that there were some remaining models... What to do? Leave them into their boxes? It would be dommage! So our group in search of a showcase additional. The conservative be confused with excuses, but no longer any available showcase! Oh yes! On reflection, there is another one! But she dares not speak: for God knows how obscure reason, this showcase was installed in the ... toilet! The staff will consult: TO USE OR NOT TO USE ... THAT IS THE QUESTION! After a long collusion, they agreeMany people must go to the toilet, and that therefore an excellent place! This was done. Unfortunately, if subscribers of the library (and photographer) have admired these models of the Sensei, ABSOLUTELY NO ONE enthusiasts bend have thought to visit this place, and therefore have not seen!

(this poster has no connection with this text. In fact it announced an exhibition of the Senseï in 2008, from March to May in Japan. But any time I cannot resist to the pleasure of showing so beautifull and impressive stuff...

That's it for today ...: out:

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