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3 stories had already SEOF the theater (South-East Origami Festival) from Charlotte, USA: EXPO absolutely PERSON HAS A VIEW ..."BRINGS THE CRANE 1000 YEARS OF HAPPINESS TO SAY FALSE ... Shame!" America's Cup. Here are some memories there ...

For those not familiar with the USA, it appears that North Carolina is ... ... north. NOT AT ALL! It is rather in the southern USA! His name is because it is also a South Carolina, and during the Civil War, this should be one of 11 states in the Confederate NORTH ... ... SOUTH. I see who are not at the bottom of the class! What idea Jonathan Baxter had to come get lost there, and to hold a grand festival of origami! If you have a good idea of what may be the DEEP FRANCE totally backward, uneducated, and where the greatest cultural event that can occur is a fair of sausage, multiply the non-culture by 10 or 100 and you are in Charlotte, North Carolina. Obligation to deposit his firearms before entering banks and shops (yes, it is marked everywhere), Confederate flags floating on most cars (if so) I even saw Guns in racks behind drivers of pick-up (typical small van) (yes, and yes!). I think the film "Delivrance" was filmed over there, if you see what I mean. We had here adventures just as difficult ... In this wilde and rugged country, according to Jonathan: "if you're not married and do not go to church every Sunday, you have no chance to successfully organize anything!" And everything is linked, since many churches in the city were sponsored by the Bank of America, with a billboard advertisement recalling their pediment (if so).

Since neither Jonathan nor his complice Harvey Cohen did foot in a church, contacts with the city and potential sponsors were very difficult. Harvey was in charge of finance of the festival. An old gentleman all that is suitable. Yet it was not as great moments. They had lost their biggest I could also tell you the menu by the time it was suspended mobiles giant origami (the picture shows the mobile issue at another facility in the Bank of America. A view of the nose, at least 10 meters in diameter ) Over a jet of water in a shopping center in Charlotte... Oh... I see you come here you: you think we were stupid enough to hang too low, so it was drowned by tons of water... You take TRULY us for beads! What Nenni, Madam! We are REAL PROS! This kind of thing CAN NOT happen: on the eve went to inspect the scene, check the height of the water jet, it had everything! Here, seen your doubts about our skills, I can not tell you, that one!

But I can tell you about the time we were looking for a skeleton Brontosaure respectable size (sight nose 4 or 5 meters long, where it was stored for 2 years, ie in an individual garage on the other side of the city. It takes the (many) pieces and the structure must support it, and Jonathan me off at the workshop, dependent for me to climb it and whether it is in good condition ... Heaven! The vertebrae of the animal have a very curious ... Gaaarglll! A family of mice had clearly established its nest in the skeleton, and had eroded most of the vertebrae! It took me 2 days work, many of scissors and glue to ensure that the public be aware of anything ... We areREAL PROSor it is not!

Incidentally, 2 photos of another dinosaur skeleton, almost in good condition as this, the famous Ty-rex of Issei Yoshino, size. And yes, Jonathan Baxter is a real pro, and sees things in great! For the occasion, Jonathan created a volunteer group, the "D-Team", to bend the 19 squares of 3 meters later constituting "the beast".

Well, because I love you, I will tell you anyway the history of mobile and jet of water: it was ...

Preliminary a short explanation: in our "Old Europe", most of our water jets are very mundane. Inspired by the ancient, they work with the sheer force of Archimedes, or pumps very ordinary. But the U.S., all that is beautiful has to be expensive and sophisticated. Irony aside, some water jets are true works of art ... and can be very complex!

So, after tracking the previous day, we had installed the huge mobile shopping mall during the night, when customers (and spray) sleeping. The result promises to be great! The beautiful water jet throne center of a rotunda lined with marble, lit a beautiful glass. Installation without any problem, it returns the next morning to contemplate our work. " The water jet has just been connected: there are different jets, each arranged in a circle around 3 main, in the center. C'est magnifique! Everything must be led by a computer, because some jets of water stop, others go in cadence, a component aquatic spectacle. Even their height varies ...

Ouch! When tracking, we were left relatively little time to contemplate the jet. The total cycle of its variations lasted a quarter of an hour, and ended in apotheosis, all its jets projecting water almost to the ceiling! A disaster for our mobile unfortunate. Well, finally, it was perhaps not been veryPROSin this case...

That's it for today ...: out:

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