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8 days, crossed into Israel, and yet full of memories in the head ... As usual. Shortly devoted to tourism (if I am invited there, it is mainly to womanizing!), But "survolons" still a bit before the country to participate in various events "cocottologiques ". It landed in general in Tel Aviv (an ultra-modern city springing sand there is a fifty years), after 4-hour flight, which seems very short compared with Canada or Japan ... I found Miri Golan, Israeli-born, my British friend Paul Jackson married a few years ago. It is very hot (we are in July) and more humid near the sea, provide 2 T-shirts by day ... The French media speak only of disasters and terrorism, but locally we feel very calm and seemingly safe.

Bus trip to Jerusalem, accompanied by Paul Jackson and delicious Ruthann (Origami USA). Is it my usual bad luck? The car (quite old it is true) crashes down a hill! Fortunately, the "stop-car works and sometimes as best they could to the hotel (5 stars, is not nothing!) Where the convention is held ... Jerusalem city in the past very heavy and complex than we know. France found in many old cities, but Jerusalem has at least 2 specific city taken by many ethnic groups over the millennia, excavations reveal a pile of remains extraordinary, layers superimposed on one another over 20 meters .

Total change in ambling along the narrow alleys of the old city (less than 4 meters wide), a multi-ethnic crowd press them. What strikes me most is that we could really feel back to Middle Ages with all shops Oriental scents that have not changed much during the last millennium, even if the gadgets made in China gradually replacing spices , Evening and traditional sweets.The famous wall is impressive. Forming the basis of the Temple of Solomon destroyed by the Romans, and today between east and west of the city. Jews come to pray day and night, men and women being separated. The place will be particularly black people during the 3 major Jewish holidays.

Israel is essentially a desert. The sand and stone are everywhere, in a temperature of forty degrees, and plantations can only exist through irrigation learned. It is not uncommon to cross on the roadside of Bedouins and their camels. The kibbutz are small green spots very recognizable in the midst of all this sand.

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