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We drive to the Dead Sea, where the lowest in the world (550 meters below sea level), which obliges them to decompress as in a plane! We turn to the hill of Masada: we saw the huge ramp that the Romans built to take the fortress, but the residents had all committed suicide during the previous night ...

Dead Sea Ultra-brine is: you must be stupid to dive head, and suffer eye for a good 1 / 4 hour (but not, I have not done ... Ouch ouch ouch!) whistles:. We cocottologues few to try to bend while floating pleasantly. Here, Mrs. Larry Hart (BOS editor), and Pieter and Janneke, Presidents of the Dutch association, and a little folder of suburbs who would have need of a tan ...

In these difficult conditions, I prefer to fold a simple crane, than a Lang or a Satoshi... I don't know why this choice !

Test of balance ... On a foundation of salt.

For now, to close the chapter ISRAEL, and show that I'm lazy, I refer you to the excellent account written by Joel Stern on the site of Origami USA. Israeli Origami Convention.pdf
I know is in English, and we must skip the passages too ugly praise on a large bearded (at least I [b] A [/ b] fan! 8)), but otherwise, text and photos are very nice to see! A visit also his Flickr gallery (link at the end of his text, with more photos on the exhibition, convention and the day "Folding together."

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