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Dave Brill was not involvedinto the following story.But every time I see this picture, I roll on the flour !!!

A short story of 3D origami that Martin Wall (englishfolder)told me ... That was years ago, at the time Eric Kenneway was chairman of the BOS (Origami Fun). Kenneway was well known by his masks of well known characters at the time (Schweitzer, Chaplin, Einstein, etc. ...), voluntarily very stylized, very simple and very ... FLAT.

Martin, then very young, proudly brings its brand first creation: a lovely 3D tank. If I recall correctly, the tank turret that turns onitself, although it is in a single sheet. I fear we are all a just the same: on himself marvels of its first "pajarita" (even if it is ultimately not very special), and there hopes that everyone will enjoy it! And of course, if admirer potential is known as Kenneway was at the time, this is the best! This expectation is even stronger if we"suffered" for many weeks to create the "beautifull thing", and it was the case for this model ...

At the time, 3D origami was rare. Kenneway look subject to a skeptical eye. For him, origami SHOULD be FLAT. Réfreinant is still a little, he told Martin something as: "Mouiii is not bad! But why you did not rather fact FLAT?" If we were in a cartoon, we would seeMartin'slittle heart explode into thousand pieces in a large crash of broken glass! It is too much for him: very upset, he replied: "But ... I can also made it flat!" And putingking his tank on the table, he uses his hand as aBat to fly to flattens the subject in a strong and quick gesture...

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