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Although my first public exposition was in 1987, my first convention in 1996, MFPP, Paris. The agreement was the 2nd York the following year, and I was therefore as a "new kid" (as what, in our modern world completely crazy, you can go within 12 years from a "little youngster "to" old con "...

I did not teach a model I especially wanted to meet with folders present, many on the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the association (approx 200 attendees, including many English course folders, plus Michael Lafosse, Joseph Wu, the office of Origami USA, and some Yoshizawa Sensei, I have never seen "true").

Incidentally, I had also contact with known folders to prepare the festival "Paris-Origami 98", which was already in preparation. A part of my casseroles expo, so I was "their hands in their pockets." But v'là-ty-not the guys Dave Brill , With whom I sympathized in Paris I "push strongly" to propose something, why not a speech about my masks, do not you? Here I am therefore left me a little despite the horrors of reflection, very difficult exercise for a little suburban folder. I spent much of the night, and so I walked in the room where I had to get tough with tiny eyes, despite a massive dose of caffeine...

Stupor! The hall was packed to overflowing, everyone wanting to see this newcomer in the "Origami world family"... Tired, knowing about my evil, to do my topo in angliche of course for Theu first taime of Mayi Laif, and before that a lot of heads known, I do not menais wide. Especially since I had done "a little high for my introduction...

I began by saying that my guidebook is very short, because my technique was very simple: the more difficult was finding the center (THEU CENTER) of the square (I made a huge cross on my square of 40 cm), mold CAREFULLY the paper on my face...... and complete model WET-FOLDING (then I overthrow a cup of water on the head machouillé paper).

There was a hard silence in the assistance ... Fortunately, Paul Jackson left a great laugh, giving the signal of relaxation, they told me otherwise may be hunted with stones, I like that very often during my long career already ( Stone also...). After this intro, hitting hours, my speech was vaguely serious quoiqu'assez uninteresting I am afraid ...

My audience, was captivated by the intense interest of my very serious purposes... (as you can see on the left).

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