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Origami Acronyms

Here are some of the many acronyms you should be aware of when tackling origami.
Learn them all, so you won't look foolish at dinner-parties. Please submit any additions.

BARF Bay Area Rapid Folders
BOCS British Origami Container Society
BOTTOM Brill's Own Toilet Tissue Origami Module
PETROL Predominantly Easy, Totally Reliable, Origami Language
POPPADOM® People Out Practising Paperfolding And Dining On Masala.
FoBeLeUn Folds Best Left Unseen
FROG Front Range Origami Group
HoToBUG Holds Together Better Using Glue
IBU Impressive, But Ugly
ICTTYA I Created That Three Years Ago
ODIR Oh Dear, It's Ripped
SOB Society for Origami in Britain

Meet the FokkerOrigami USA used to be snappily known as the "Friends of the Origami Center of America". Aside from the fact that "centre" was misspelled, the acronym "FOCA" could be misconstrued as an insult, especially when pronounced by a Brooklyn taxi driver ("who youse callin a FOCA?") so a change of name was required. Their new acronym has created a fascinating dilemma over pronounciation. here are some popular options;

Oozer Ow zah Oh sah Oo sah Ow sah
Oh you sah Oo sa Oh oo sah Oh you essay Formerly Friends

No doubt you have your favourite!


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