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DVD (Dave Venable's Duck) Products

Few experiences come close to the pleasure of folding the DVD. For nearly 30 years, enchanted origamists around the world have been in awe of this exquisite design. Now you can impress your friends with a range of DVD memorabilia, every one hand-painted to the highest standards and fairly wash-proof. But hurry, you'll have to get up at the quack of dawn to make sure you don't miss out.

Each stunning souvineer comes complete with a signed1 certificate of authenticity and folding instructions for the DVD. Be the first on your block to own one of these little gems!

Impress your pals with these trendy t-shirts available in 1 size, XXXXL.

Other Products    

Venables Duck Pâté
Why not impress your origami friends at your next dinner party? For starters, why not serve them Venables Duck Pâté? Perfect with Fritz quackers and stilton!

Venables Duck Cheese
A special combination of Stilton and Duck, to amuse and delight your taste buds. Not suitable for vegetarians, unless they are of the "canardo" persuasion

Duck Tape
There are 1001 uses for this all-purpose and highly decorative tape, from mending holes in your shoe to a handy denture fixative.

3 Ducks on the Wall
Follow in the footsteps of Hilda Ogden with this classic 1950s working-class icon. Made from genuine plaster of paris, each one comes with it's own hook and a hole to put it in.

Origami Dukuhon 1
A rare volume from Japan, where the Venables Duck first made an appearance. For a larger image, the books gallery

Duck FAQ
How do you make a Venables Duck sing? Put it in the oven till it's Bill Withers

How do I pay? Ring our sales manager Donald who will explain your options.

1 possibly even by the creator.

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