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Origami Jokes

Some people say origami is itself a joke, some say it's impossible to make a really funny joke about origami. Make your own mind up. If you have anything that will have us all in creases, please send it in.

What's the difference between Grandpa farting and origami?
Grandpa farting is the fart of the old, origami is the art of the fold... (Jennifer Hetzel)

Have you heard the one about the origami enthusiast who folded and wore a cowboy outfit - an origami stetson, origami shirt and waistcoat, origami pistols, plus origami trousers and boots? He was arrested for rustling!!

Why are paperfolders dangerous? They have a black belt in origami...

Did you hear about the Origami Business? It folded...

How many Zen Buddhists does it take to fold a lightbulb?
2 - one to fold a lightbulb and one not to fold a lightbulb. (Dorothy Engleman)

How many Origami folk does it take to change a light bulb?
None because there is no such fold as a Bayonet Twist! (Steve Honey Monster Watson)

How many origamists does it take to change a light bulb?
Ten to build the modules, and Maarten van Gelder to put them together into a ladder. (Ralph Furmaniak)

What kind of fold is done in the kitchen? A kitchen Sink (Charles Esseltine)

What do have after you do the dishes? An open sink. (Charles Esseltine)

What do yo call it when you're not allowed to do the dishes? A closed sink. (Charles Esseltine)

What do you get if you hear too many "Sink" jokes? A "Sinking" feeling! (Charles Esseltine)

What fold do you do after folding for five days straight? A collapse fold. (Charles Esseltine)

How many folders dose it take to change a light-bulb? None, WE can fold in the dark! (Charles Esseltine)

Would an origami display be a Paper-view Event? (Charles Esseltine)

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