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Origami and the Gentle Art of Murder

click to downloadAbout 20 years ago, I wrote 2 Murder Mystery games for a Rotaract club I once belonged to. The club enjoyed them so much, that we decided to put them up for sale. A grand total of over £1000 was raised and all monies went to charity. I have now combined these Murder Mystery games into one and adapted them to suit the world of Origami. The title of the game is:

The game comes complete with:
- a set of instructions on how to run the game
- the plot scenario
- invitations for 16 people
- 16 character descriptions and
- 2 full colour fun certificates for the winner and loser

Each game gives you the flexibility to invite between 8 to 16 people to come along and play. The 'murders' are actually committed during the game and what's more there's fun certificates up for grabs as well. The flow of play runs like this. Players are forearmed with a description of their character. Everybody mingles with each other whilst asking questions to discover what information/clues they have. During this mingling 1 or 2 'murders' will be committed and it's up to the Sherlock Holmes in everybody to piece together the clues to determine whodunit, how and why.

So, if you're 'dying' to play a game that is guaranteed to be a real 'scream' download the free game by clicking on the image above.

Mike Bright

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