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Welcome to Mike's Stori-Book

A love story of woe, woe and more woe - but with a happy ending! Published with the kind permission of Mike Bright

In a land not that far, far away lived a Princess, or at least that's what she liked to be known as.

She was married to the Prince, or at least that's what he liked to be known as.

One fine Summer's morn, they woke up licking their wounds after appearing on a game show called 'Mr + Mrs Luurve', where not only did they come second but they also came away with not a single prize.
Princess Prince Heart
''Woe, woe and thrice woe'', said Princess. ''Winning that show would have wiped out all of our debts. The prize money would not only have paid off the mortgage on the house.....

... but also the credit card loan on the 24 carat gold ring, .....

.... as well as keeping at bay those loan sharks chasing after the money we owe on the genuine antique chalice cup as used by King Arthur....
House Ring Chalice Cup
...and also not forgetting the debt we've got on that personal, private plane of ours.''

''Oh, what turkeys we are'', exclaimed Princess. 

''You're right, there's no bull about this massive debt we owe'', cried Prince tearfully, in a manly sort of way.
Plane Turkey Bull
“Yep, we really are in the ….” and before he could finish his sentence in flew an owl, called ‘The All Wise Great Ori-cle’.

“What you need” hooted the owl, “is a basket of luck or lots of money”. 

“No, what we need” retorted Princess, “is for it to be Christmas and everybody to give us lots and lots of presents - not that I'm greedy or ungrateful”.
The Great Ori-cle Basket Santa
Ignoring Princesses remark, The Great Ori-cle continued “I will send you on a quest – an Ori-quest to the 'Land of Thingymyjigs’ and you shall fly there by Pete the Pegasus”.

 “Once there, you will need to locate the hidden treasure trove guarded by a fearsome paper dragon”.

“To get past him, you need to make the paper dragon fold and crease so much with laughter that he doesn’t notice you entering the cave he’s guarding”. “Oh boy”, said Princess “we need a wing and a prayer for this one”.
Pete the Pegasus
Paper Dragon
"We don't know any jokes", said Prince. "But the Thingymyjigs do and they know where the dragon is as well", replied The Great Ori-cle. "Well, what are we waiting for. Lets go then", said Prince and Princess together, forgetting in their haste that they were leaving Ronnie their pet rhinocerous, to fend for himself.

The land of the Thingymyjigs was just simply awesome. Mountains, lakes and...well thingymyjigs everywhere. They asked the first thingymyjig they came across for a joke as well as directions to the dragon. These he imparted freely as well as wishing them luck... lots of luck!

The second thingmyjig they came across also freely gave out a joke and directions as well.
Ronnie the Rhinoceraus

The next chapter!

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