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Otto Nordström- the family

fatherClearly a family with the talent gene running rich in their veins, the Nordström dynasty has made signifant contributions to mankind over the years.

His father, Otto, was chemist Here's a patent he lodged relating to gas burners. If you speak Finnish, you can read about his father here. He was peripherally involved in the start of World War 1 and contributed significantly to the study of Balaklavian etymology. He was honoured when a newly discovered species of millipede was named after him (Tachypodoiulus Nordstromius). The insect was to form a vital ingredient of his infamous health tonic "One over the Otto".

grandfatherHis Grandfather (also called Otto) spent a few years in South Dakota before returning to his native Finland. Here, he first developed his theory that electrical bills could be reduced by shortening the wires of appliances.

This theory, mocked at the time (electricity hadn't been invented) has since proved to be a cornerstone of modern environmental economics. He was also three-times winner of the prestigious "Finlands Best Moustache" competition.

Here are some rare archive images of other Nordström family members.

Katariina, Otto's 1st wife
Mooska, his youngest child
Cousin Pierre
Borrissa, his seond wife
Leevi & Timu, his uncles
Cousin Klaus
Brother Olavvi
Cousin Jorlpakson
Wilhelmina, who introduced Otto to the delights of origami

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