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Otto Nordström : the BOS papers #1

An Analysis of Three Paper-Folds from the Ancient Northern Finland

Hello : I am Otto Nordstrom from the Northern Finland. Like other likers of the paper-folding of ours, I think I know a lot about it. So I am going to tell you the most revelatory things that I know in three Reports, Starting now, below. My other two Reports will be revealed in the next two issues of this magazine.

I have done much remarkable research into the traditions of paper-folding here in the Northern Finland. The next two Reports will describe the two Schools from the great distant history of ours, but this Report will describe three remarkable traditional paper-folds which are lost in antiquity.

The most popular model folded by our ancient men (111. '1') is a representation of Lake Porttipandan-tekojarvi in the Northern Finland. The ancient men would tell tales of their most hazardous walkings on the Lake in desperate persuit of the migrating reindeer, remarking on their great bravery and heroism. The model is a very accurate depiction like from Sky Lab of this treacherous, deadly death-trap and a great tribute to the extraordinary senses of economy, simplicity and abundant ingenuity, abundant in these ancient men.

Our second masterpiece (111. 'B') is a depiction of Mount Paeldoaivi. It is folded only by shepherds and swines who live near the Mount, because it is unknown elsewhere. the third (111. 111), is a topographical interpretation of the River Paatsjoki valley, and is of such amazing accuracy that it is still used today by Finnish makers of map-making. Mount Paeldoaivi is less accurate,but is considered of greater 'artistic interpretation' - so it doesn't really matter. After all, it was surely beyond even the genius of our dim and distant ancestors to fold the legendary 27,226 fur trees on its upward slopes. Perhaps today, however, we might attempt such meaningful detail.

I believe that we have much to learn from these remarkable models (and others not 111. such as: 'Fur Tree or Mount Nattastunturit', 'Edge of Melting Glacier' and 'Reindeer's Rear Off Hoof'). Surely these masterpieces rival the traditional masterpieces of the East and even excel over them by their extremities of charm, delightful manipulations of the fingers, observation of Nature and that certain Je ne sais pas.

My Report next will bring up the '16th Century School of Ultimate Realism', Founded by the nomadic snow-shovellers of the Northern Finland in the 16th Century (A.D.) as food for thought-. It is an incredulous tale. I will give vital details in my next Report.


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