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Otto Nordström : the BOS papers #2

An Account of the Sixteenth Century 'School Of Ultimate Realism' to be Founded in the Northern Finland

See last report explaining all about how I found out about the School (camp fires, ancient and old men, reindeer, etc). I here recite what I was told as I nearly can.

The nomadic snow-shovellers of Northern Finland were cultured. They knew all about the Renaissance, the invention of the wheel and camels. It was therefore inevitable that they should apply such profound knowledge to their own arts and crafts, such as snowman building, antler of reindeer tapping and paperfolding. Their philosophical adoption was that of Ultimate Realism, proposed once by their leader, The Lapp Of The Gods, one nice day in 1522. He said that art should look as much like what it was to look like to its best perfection. Everything should be put in and not left out. Detail was realism and realism was 0. K. because it looked good and impressed the plebs (the shovel-shiners). That kept the subjects quiet and submissive as they were awed. Aweness means no questions.

In what way did this philosophy apply to the paper-folding of ours? Here is the method as explained to me, as explained in the last issue (see also paragraph 1 above).

1. Take a grip of the subject to be folded (eg. reindeer, baby reindeer).
2. Take a further grip of a large square of paper, with which to fold the subject with.
3. Hold the subject still and press the paper to the surface with extreme firmness. Ensure all the hidden parts and ravines are impressed with the paper. The paper will show the outlines of the subject and can be removed from it.
4. We have created the Ultimate Realism in paper-folding. We have: 1) 3Dform, 2) detail, 3) accuracy of this and that length against each other, 4) proper scale and 5) life-like properties (which are very important, as we know, for real realism).

So, there we have it. The answer to the problem which has concerned all paper-folders ever since it began in the Eost and Northern Finland. Cunningly, it saves us having to bother with those baring folding sequences. Just press, and there it is. That is the paramount of the economy virtue: simple and direct. Also, each model can be different from all others and put in different positions. This will make them more real and therefore better paper-foldings, and therefore of relevence today, which is why I am writing this important Report for you.

I have tried this method myself, being interested in Ultimate Realism in paper-folding, because once achieved, I can give it up and do something else, My experience was profound and titillating. The problem of finding a piece of paper large enough to impress a subject with is solved by finding a piece of paper large enough or finding small subjects. Insects are a nice size but squash easily. Flowers are easy to do. Hens aren't. Foil is the ideal paper to use because it holds its shape when pressed to. Unfortunately, it was not invented in the 16th Century, so the School Of Ultimate Realism could not use it, which is a big shame because it has so many remarkable qualities which make it ideal for its best uses in origami, such as colour and texture.
I hope that this Report has been a revelation to all the enthusiasts who read it and others too.

It shows a new way to solve the problem of the ultimate origami target, that of Ultimate Realism. I therefore look forward to seeing many new models diagrammed for the rear-end of this magazine, closer to the target than ever before. My next Report will account of the 'School Of Origami Crushing' in the Northern Finland of last Century. It is revelatory.

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