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Otto Nordström : the BOS papers #4

My First Mini-meeting with an Origami Friend

Hello again! My thanks to Dr. Morassi (page VII: "Annual Report and Accounts", B.O.S. Magazine No. 81, April, 1980) for his compliments about my research into the remarkable origami traditions of the Northern Finland. What a nice man! How I envy his patients.

Well, my friend Kurt and I organised our first mini-meeting last week (you will remember Kurt from my previous series of Reports: he rewrites them into proper English). There are two of us now in the Northern Finland who do folding paper. We are getting big! Here is what we did for posterity.

Firstly, Kurt's mum brought in some nice cakes for us. Later, we discussed the possibility of forming an origami society because everybody else does, and because we both want to appear on T.V., have headed notepaper, a nice badge and feel important. However, we decided to wait until we had at least a couple more members, so that we could form a committee and not have Kurt's mum organise the food at all our meetings (incidentally, the cakes were delicious!). Instead, we decided to organise an exhibition in Kurt's living-room window which overlooks a busy street. Any models will be gratefully received. We thought we would feature traditional Finnish origami (see Report No. 1), masterpieces by the origami superstars and lots and lots of nice paper to show how good the models are. I am making a sign which says: "The World's First International Exhibition of Origami (Paper-folding) To have Ever Been Held in the Northern Finland", which will be hung between the curtains. The Presss, T.V., radio and the Japanese Embassy will be informed.

Next, we discussed the badge for our society when we form it. Deciding what it would look like took up most of the afternoon, after which it was time for more of those delicious cakes.

After this (and a bit too much home-made wine!) we got down to some serious folding. Kurt was having trouble with the diagrams in the introduction to "Origami 1" showing him how to fold a bird's head, so I helped him. This led to me showing him my model of "A Bird" and we discussed ways in which I might eliminate some of the cuts. We found a way, but the lumpiness of the glue wasn't very attractive. I've worked on it a bit since then and am now happy with it. I enclose an example for your comments. Could you please unfold it and tell me how I made it? I think several stuck to a piece of cardboard would look very nice in Kurt's window.

After this, we spent a funny half-hour thinking of Finnish "Ori-" jokes! Unfortunately, we could only think of three, none of which translate into English very well. Our favourite English "Ori-" is "Ori-nthonimus" by Sidney French in "Origami 1". It's very funny! However did he think of it?

Next, we had the last of the cakes and discussed whether, after Dr. Morassi's nice comments, we should publish our research into the history of paper-folding in the Northern Finland. The fact that very few people except our friends and relations would be interested in buying copies seemed unimportant, so we are continueing our research because we believe it to be very interesting and important, especially to us. We will publish our remarkable findings in a year or so. They are revelatory.
Our next meeting is on October 12th 1980. All are welcome. Please bring some nice cakes and your show-shoes.
My next Report in the next issue of this Magazine will give much detail about our first exhibition, mentioned above. It will be revelatory.

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