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Otto Nordström : the BOS papers #6

My Teaching Session at the Local Christian Magician's Youth Institute for Women in the Northern Finland.

My demonstration was given at very short notice to a group of about fifteen locals, Christians, magicians, youths,institutes and women in a school hut one evening as a replacement for a talk on how to lose weight by making jam in exotic parts of the world, which was cancelled when the speaker got stuck in a snow-drift on the way to the school, Kurt's mum (see Report nos. 4 and 5) helps organise these talks, so, in a panic, she contacted me to see if I would give a talk on origami. I jumped at the oppertunity!!

Although I had only fifteen minutes in which to prepare my demonstration, it was a great success. Informality is very important on these occasions.

I began by answering questions about the art. What is it? Will I ever be any good at it? Is it cheap? How much money can you make from it? What are the politico/socio-economic implications of deliniating such gratuitously ongoing neo-Marxist ideologies? Have you got any T-shirts I can buy? Who was I? And so on.

Next I showed them what the different papers were like: how blue paper differs from red paper, thick paper from thin paper and big sheets from little sheets. They were amazed at how much one piece of paper could differ so much from another! This led me fluently on to asking members of the audience if they knew any models themselves, and if so, would they teach them to the rest of the group. We spent a happy two hours folding lots of different sorts of paper aeroplanes (an idea for a booklet?). What fun we all had! Mums, dads, children, babies, dogs, the criminally insane... everyone loves origami!!!

Unfortunately, my demonstration had to end at that point because the caretakers were locking up the building and we were still inside it.

The evening had been a great success. The fact that seven people stayed to the end proves it. It had been lots of fun and we had learnt exactly what origami is all about. They have asked me to go back soon, promising that next time they might be able to pay me. A memorable evening!

My revelatory series of Reports has now ended. My thanks to all those enthusiasts who wrote to me after the publication of my first series, expressing a deep interest in the fascinating and revelatory history of paper-folding in the Northern Finland which I revealed to an astounded world to great acclaim. Thanks also to Kurt for translating my Reports into proper English. I hope that my Reports have influenced your life as profoundly as origami has done, and that as a result, you are a happier and more fulfilled individual.

Good bye and bappy, happy folding!

Editors footnote: Otto was not heard from again for nearly thirty years.

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