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To fold the official symbol of POPPADOM®, you need to spend some time perfecting some advanced Curigami techniques;

The valley fold can take years to master. Put simply, you fold the paper over and flatten it. The real truth is far deeper than that.

Turning the paper over should only be attempted after several months of valley folding. Origami students of the Bronco Sinkin Curigami-Dojo™ are required to wait 3 years.


This innocent symbol can lead to hours of frustration, as novice paper-folders struggle to apply pressure in just the right place. POPPADOM is not legally responsible for injuries resulting from incorrect use of this technique.

Here's another tricky move, best performed during August, when the planet's are at their most propitious. Take hold of some of the paper and pull it out back to how it was before you did some folding to it.

Now you've practised your techniques (you have, haven't you?). OK then , lets move on to folding the POPPADOM® symbol!

Here it is then, the official society logo. You should commit this design to heart, since you will be called up on to perform it at any POPPADOM® meeting. This is one of the rules. The design and artwork is © Bronco Sinkin 2002 - please enquire before attempting to make loads of money from this masterpiece. However, you may reproduce the diagram for educational purposes or as an aid to fertility. Or as a cure for trapped wind.

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