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Curry based songs titles are always popular at POPPADOM® meetings, where those with wit attempt to impress it upon everyone else. Here are a few to be going on with.

Sheesh a star (James, as sung by sean connery)
Instant korma (John Lennon and a microwave meal)
Una Pakora Blanca (George Baker)
Tikka Nother Piece of My Heart (Janis Joplin)
I'm Mahal Shook Up (Elvish)
A Bigger Bangalore (dunno)
Rupee Rupee Rupee (Kaiser Chefs)
You're Tilda One (Shania Twain)
Poppadom Preach (Madonna)
Korma Chameleon (Culture Club)
My little Channa Girl (David Bowie)
Sheesh sells sanctuary (the Cult)
Argy Bhaji (Squeeze)
Poppas got a brand now Saag (James Brown)
Move Over Dahling (Dusty Springfield)
Picture of Tandorian Grey (U2)
(King) Prawn in the USA (Bruce Springsteen)
Dansak in the Streets (Martha Reeves et al)
All I could do was Karai (old blues lass)
The Karai-ing Game (Dave Berry)
Coz Alloove You (Slade)
It's my Chapatti and I'll Karai if I want to (that lot)
She's a Modahl (Kraftwerk)
Muttor Biking (Chris Spedding)
Rice one Cyril (66 World Cup Squad)
Aloo, I love you won't you tell me your order (Doors)
House of the Rising Naan (Animals)
Dominica (The singing Nan)
Bhaji Trousers (Madness)
Korma People (Pulp)
You Can't Curry Love (Supremes)
Korma Police (Radiohead)
Tears On My Pilau (Kylie Minogue)
It's Bhuna Hard Days Night (The Beatles)
Brothers in Naans (Dire Straits)
Girlfriend in a Korma (The Smiths)
Pilau Talk (Doris Day)
It's My Chapati and I Cry If I Want To (Dave Stewart and Barbara Gaskin)
Dansak on the Ceiling (Lionel Richie)
We Are Jalfrezi (Sister Sledge)
Keema Nan Strong (The Shamen)
Rice Rice Baby (Vanilla Ice)
Tandoori and Deliver (Adam and the Ants)
Love Me Tandoor (Elvis)
Bye Bye Balti (Bay City Rollers)
Bhuna To Be Wild (Steppenwolf)
Living Dhal (Cliff Richard)
Jalfrezi on you (Heart)
Save all your Keema for me (the Brotherhood of Naan)
Dhansak in the Moonlight (Toploader)
Sag Aloo, push pineapple.... (Black Lace)
Raita Here, Raita Now (Fat Boy Slim)
Blue Naanday (New Order)
I Just Called to Sag-Aloo-ve You (can't remember)
Pure Massala (Silverchair)
Aloo-ce, What's the Mottar? (Terrorvison)
Enter Naandman (Metallica)
Paperback Raita (The Beatles)
Whole Mottar Love (Led Zeppelin)
Mottar's Little Helper (The Rolling Stones)
Ob-La-Di, Ob-La-Dahl (the Beatles)
Jalfrezi Horses (The Osmonds)
Tikka Look Around MI2 Theme - (Limp Bizkit)
If you're chappati and you know it clap your naans (trad)
I'll be your private dansak (Tina Turner)
Buddy can you spare a Lime (pickle)
Just got back from the Bhindi City (Doris Day)

Tikka chance on me
Wateralloo / Vindallo
Dansak Queen
The winner takes a dahl
Chicken Tikka (you and I know)

Educating Raita
Harry Lime Pickle theme
Lassi come home
Somosa like it hot
Jalfrezi Rider
James pasanda giant peach
Supernaan 2
Batnaan 2 (etc)

Bloke goes into an indian and says can I have a chicken tarka, the waiter said whats that, he says its like a chicken tikka but a little otter.

You can also enjoy the alternative lyrics to a fairly well-known Queen song.

Any additions welcome!

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