Flugzeuge, noch einmal

flieger4This classic has been republished for the 5th time (that I know of) again, this time in German. I emailed the company and they have kindly sent a copy.

A small sticker on the cover amusingly says “Die fleigen immer! Garantiert!” (they always fly, guaranteed) – I wouldn’t like to be in their legal department ;)


Freezing & folding

It’s around zero degrees here in Yorkshire but work continues unabated. I’m currently filming videos for my dinogami book, but having to take a break every ten minutes because my fingers are too numb to fold properly and I’m too money-conscious to heat the entire house just for one room.


Poissons d’ origami

I had a lovely message (and photo) from Viviane Berty, one of the contributors to my fishy book.

Hello Nick,

This message is to say thank you again for having included me in the project “Poissons en origami”. I have read this book and folded many models with pleasure, and seen some videos, so I can say it is a good book and publication ! Usually books by Nick Robinson can be recommended, but this one is in French version and includes decorated papers, which is much more nice.

Of course, decorated papers are not good for every models, but it is easy to find simple papers. 

Not a blame but a regret : about Sebastien Limet’s arête de poisson, it was not possible to indicate how to make the decreasing effect… too bad ! I talked with him about this, he is OK, and grateful to have been included in this project like I am.

So : tout va très bien et merci !



A brilliant photo!  I did speak about this to Sebastien before simplifying his excellent design. The folding technique would have made a difficult model almost impossible for most people and the publishers insisted there was nothing too complex within the book and I really wanted to inldude what is a wonderful concept.


Spot the creator?

As an author, it’s really important to try and identify the earliest-known creators of a folding design or concept, or simply to identify who designed a model. I know others are often trying to spot the creator from an image. So, I’ve set up a Facebook group to try and help. You are invited to post photos here (no videos please) and maybe someone can tell you who created it and where it may have been published.

Off topic posters will be “retired”, let’s keep this group on-topic as much as possible.