A poignant Christmas to you all

The death of David Petty continues to influence my mood, a feeling of lost friendship way out of proportion to how well I actually knew David.

My old school was pulled down recently and I’m seeing old friends and those I admire disappearing from the earth at an increasing rate.

So, in a completely off-topic present to you all, I humbly offer one of the most poignant musical performances I know of – less than two years before he died in a tragic accident. I just wish I could bequeath something as beautiful to the world…

Yours in reflection….



A poignant Christmas to you all — 5 Comments

  1. WOW!!! Gave me goose bumps. Thanks for sharing the video, and your pain. May you be able to say Halleluiah, The Savior Reigns and feel joy.

  2. I have a audio version live at Sin-e´9mins. Jeff Buckley wrote to Leonard Cohen to request all the verses of the song.

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