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A4 rhombic calendarOf all the designs I’ve cobbled together, the A4 unit seems to have a longer life than most. The latest incarnation is a calendar, put together by Sok Song and his Creased team. They really are a professional group and the magazine is highly recommended. You can subscribe to either hard or electronic copies.

Several years ago, someone in Hong Kong put together a commercial version of this, but it was a one-off, so I guess didn’t sell well. I still think there are commercial possibilities for this, must look into it again.

View and print the 2012 calendar here.


A4 rhombic dodecawotsit — 5 Comments

  1. Hi Nick,
    The page at Todd’s Place (http://www.toddsplace.ca/rhombic.php) is still active. You can customize lots of things there. Unfortunately it can only produce PS pages now, not pdf.
    I would like to produce an A4 from my printer that I could fold right away (or after cutting in two, four…) without having to cut out the rectangles first. That’s what silver rectangles are for, isn’t it?


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