Fork Handles?

There’s a famous Two Ronnies sketch called “Fork Handles” (check it on youtub) which always tickled my fancy. My dear departed friend David Petty created an origami design called “two candles”, which inspired me to create this tribute fold. I’m … Continue reading

Flappin’ Heck!

I had a fascinating email from W Brown esq. recently, pointing out that the fairly well-known flapping bird has actually been patented! On August 1st 1928, Vernon B Smith of Chicago, Illinois, was approved as the owner of a “design … Continue reading

Lucky Lips

Someone recently sent me a link to download a pdf bootleg of my classic “Adult Origami“, a hugely controversial product at the time, but thankfully no longer generating emails such as “you’re a pervert” (I replied “yes, and?”) and “you’re … Continue reading