Excuses , excuses

I started this blog with a clear intention to post something every day. For a while, I succeeded, but of late the rest of my life has become too busy. I thought I’d go off-topic and talk a little about the other love of my life, playing music.

I’ve played guitar for 43 years now, and really ought to be somewhat more skilled, but at least I can express myself. My outlets come in three areas; my classic rock covers band are called Muttley and we play Led Zeppelin, Hendrix, Purple & the like. You can see a video of a recent gig here.

I also enjoy jamming with various Sheffield-based musicians, who fall into the loose category of “space rockers”. Much of what we do is pure improvisation, avant-garde, almost jazz.

Lastly, there is my solo performances and composition, which I create running an electric guitar through a variety of delay and looping devices, as well as other obscure signal processors, to produce ambient, improvised pieces. This is as close as I get to actually producing something reasonable unique to myself, where any influences are buried so deep they cannot be easily spotted. Here’s a video from a  recent gig.

These various musical endeavours all make great demands on both my time and energy, so origami sometimes has to make way. I hope you understand!

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