flowers : new/old design

ff3bI have a large box of discarded creative efforts and from time to time, I wade through them, seeing if anything actually has promise. I’ve had a twisted flower for about 15 years, but it was just that, twisted but not locked. A flash of inspiration later, it’s elegantly locked. Changing a key angle allows variations from tight to open. No actual method yet, but I’ll teach it at the forthcoming York BOS convention and see what happens!



flowers : new/old design — 2 Comments

  1. Hi Nick,
    Like the look of this especially with the tight/open variations. It reminds me a bit of Anna Kastlunger’s:
    with the points left out. I fold that one all the time as it is quick and very satisfying to fold but some people I show it to think it’s a spinning top…
    Yours looks much more like a flower.
    I can’t come to York so hope it all goes well.

    • I hadn’t seen that before, but you’re right. I’ve seen one or two using the “hold the centre of a WBB and evert the rest” method, but the locks sometimes seem to let them down.

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