Idiots Guide – geometric origami

The contributors copies of this book have gone out. Francesco Guarnieri‎ wrote: “I received today, my copy of the book, Thanks Nick!”  Delighted to present your beautiful work to the world Francesco!

idiots_geo_fgFrancis Ow writes: “Geometric Origami kit finally arrived. I just received this big box full of USA air in the air bubbles and of course the delightful kit. Yes. the unit number of my apartment is missing and the corrected label is on the bottom right of the big box. The beautiful origami papers that comes with the kit aren’t squares but that’s ok for me. Thanks Nick for this kit and the fresh air from USA.
idiots_geo_foDavid BrillGot mine too. Rectangular paper seen as a great challenge for future unit (and other) projects… Nice work Mr R!!

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