Little Johnny Montroll

Young Johnny MontrollA new book by John Montroll is now available – “Origami World Wide”, featuring two of my own designs (frog and dish). You can see it and buy it here. When my copy arrives, I’ll do a full review, but it looks to be an essential purchase, judging by the wide variety of the contents.

John is, of course, a legendary figure in the origami world, but his creativity stretches back a lot further than many people know. Here is a photo of him at 17, fresh-faced but still producing extraordinary work. Did you know that Elias’ wonderful Peacock is largely based on an earlier design by Montroll?

In case you wondered, the photo is from an early copy of the Origamian – I read through a fascinating collection of these recently. I won’t say how early to spare John’s blushes ;)


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  1. I saw the book yesterday, very nice one!
    John Montroll and Himanshu Agrawal are currently in Florence, tomorrow and the day after tomorrow will have a mini-meeting with some origami friends :-D

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