Nature’s containers

conkers_smIt’s fair to say I’m obsessed with origami dishes / containers. I’m regularly ribbed about it when I volunteer to teach at a meeting (“not another Shen-like Dish Nick?”). However, I’m unrepentant – a man’s gotta fold what…

However, when it comes to containers, nature has us beaten all ways. The egg shell is perhaps natures most perfect container, but seeds of any kind are impressive. I found this chestnut whilst walking in the park yesterday. Not only is the outer shell superbly designed, but the inner seed is a real jewel. This one had two “conkers” within, each a gem of perfection.

So, in all modesty, I thought I’d display them in one of my own containers, Ali’s Dish #2 – a development of Ali’s Dish #1, featured in LaFosse’s “Trash Origami“. Ali is my long-suffering origami-widow who is undoubtedly thrilled to have a model named in her honour.

They’re perhaps not directly comparable, but I hope my quest for simplicity and beauty in origami mirrors evolution in nature. And yes, evolution is real, despite this wonderful tome from late 60’s America – don’t let anyone persuade you otherwise…

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