Not just a Collection of Models

BOS model collectionBy and large, I keep this blog clearly distanced from the BOS and the work I do for them, but here’s a rare exception.

For the last 3 volumes, I have produced the BOS Model Collection (the publication formerly known as a Convention pack). It is a unique treasure, in origami terms. As well as being a twice-yearly smorgasbord for hungry folders, I think it’s value is greater than that.

What it forms, in a somewhat ad-doc fashion, is a representative slice of what is happening in the origami world at the time of publication. Whilst old designs should and do feature inside, the majority of designs have been created in the time since the previous MC.

This allows us to take a step back in time and look at what was “hot and happening” during any given year. We can trace the faltering early steps of those who blossomed into creative talents, as well as admire the “one hit wonders” who seemed to quickly vanish.

BOS model collectionThe moral of this is “don’t be shy” – your work, however modest or grand, is important to us and deserves its place in history. It’s almost impossible to guess who a given model will appeal to, but you’d be surprised – something you may feel pales by comparison to the “greats” might just appeal to many people. It’s also slightly selfish (IMHO) to create but not share, if everyone took the same approach, we wouldn’t have origami as we know it today.

So, as you may have anticipated, this is a plea for contributions to the Spring 2013 collection, currently in need of more content. I know the material is out there, it just needs the creators to get in touch. With a place in origami history and a free copy of the CDrom version awaiting, why wouldn’t you?

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