Latest NuiNui books ;)

I’m fortunate to have a good relationship with NuiNui books. Whilst not over-generous financially (who is?), they have high standards of production and their books always look beautiful, with plenty of white “breathing space” inside and beautiful images (mostly taken by me ;) My latest editions will be on sale soon, “Butterflies” and “Dinosaurs”. Initially in French and Italian, we hope they will soon be available in my native English (along with earlier book such as “British Origami”).

IKEA gig

Had a happy session today entertaining visitors to the new Sheffield IKEA branch. It is a humongously large place with vast numbers of people wandering around. I have vowed to return with my debit card soon  ;)


Voyage to Catalonia

I’ve been invited to the APLEC didactics conference in Badalona later this month and have had to book my flight with Ryanair, due to the cost of the rival airlines. Fingers crossed the outgoing flight is not cancelled. If I’m forced to spend a few extra days there I can live with that ;)

It will be good to be there to support my Catalan friends in their struggle, but I won’t be tackling any of the riot police!

Here’s a Catalan Spider by Rikki Donachie


Nosy Cat diagrams

Working hard on my next book “Origami Cats”. I’ve just finished diagrams for Oriol Esteve’s “Nosy Cat” and Oriel is checking them over, hard work but well worth it for such a great model ;)  #kittygami