The joys of teaching

I work regularly in schools, usually offering a class a week for 10 weeks or so with 7-9 year olds. (see “teaching” link above right) This allows me to develop a relationship with the children, to gauge their individual strengths and weaknesses and to try and develop each student as far as I can. Some classes are a delight from day one, others prove more challenging!

So it’s always a great delight when a class seems to suddenly “get it” and starts to become truly creative. One such class is in Sheffield, who continue to surprise me with how they have taken to folding. They show great imagination, creativity and yesterday, one student (aged 9) presented me with a set of diagrams for a pencil she had designed (I show them on a whiteboard how they can make their own simple diagrams) . One of the students with educational needs has become quite an expert and only needs showing a sequence once to remember and recreate it. Here is some of their work, you can see how important decorating is to them.

I’m off folding in Freiburg today, so updates may be thin on the ground until early next week.

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