Vampire Vid

It’s almost surreal the way in which your designs percolate round the world. I created a A4 based Vampire Bat many years ago, so old, in fact, that it was drawn by hand (yes!) and published only in an obscure Spanish book by Vicente Palacios. Someone must have seen it, since a 16 second video was posted on youtube in 2010 showing the final model “in action” with a weird soundtrack.

Then yesterday, my good friend and Ori-OCD victim Michel Grand told me about a more recent video by “Senbazuru Origami”. Much better quality, properly credited, but as ever, I had no idea it was being made or a chance to approve it. I wonder where they found the instructions?

update: Zsuzsanna Kricskovics says it was published in Published in the Hungarian Origami Magazine’s 1st quarterly of 1990!

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